"Playing Koi" game on lumosity.com


In Norman Doidge MD’s book The Brain That Changes Itself, he details amazing stories of how people were able to overcome learning disabilities, brain failure from stroke, even deafness and blindness.

All this revolutionary change comes from a new understanding of the way the brain works. Neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain is not only changeable (contrary to the belief held by scientists for decades), but in fact VERY changeable at any age. Furthermore there are actual techniques and tools to develop your brain in the same way you would a muscle.

One of the tools I’ve discovered get your brain in shape is Lumosity. lumosity.com has dozens of simple games which develop specific cognitive areas. There are games for attention; processing speed; memory; verbal fluency, spatial orientation and so on. They have organized training regimens for different brain development goals, including one for ADHD.

The best part is, it’s free to use some of the games such as Memory Matrix and Speed Match. The other games are free for 30 days and then you can pay $15/month thereafter, or keep using the free games only.

I’ve been using it for months and my memory and attention span have definitely changed. My ADHD hasn’t magically gone away, but I can do multiplication in my head with far less trouble than before. I remember names a bit better, and when I get distracted I’m a bit quicker to get back to what I was doing.

Another perk of Lumosity: you can see a chart of your progress, so you can better tell whether it’s working or not.