• Jul 02 / 2018
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Alternatives to Medication, Brain Hacking

My Recent Brain-Healthy Diet and Self-Control

Poor nutrition is catastrophic for brain health. Sugar, food dyes and other artificial ingredients wreak havoc on attention and cognition – and not to mention your metabolism, contributing to diabetes and other problems (which in turn, mess up your brain as well).

Conversely, different dietary patterns are reported to lead to far better brain health, and are said to improve things like hyperactivity, attentional issues, brain fog, chronic pain and more. As such, I’ve revamped my regular diet a bit recently to help me toward the goal of a better brain.  Continue Reading

  • May 12 / 2018
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Alternatives to Medication, Brain Hacking, Strategies

The Three Foundations of A Better Brain: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise

Here’s something everyone should internalize if you don’t know this already:

It doesn’t matter how many brain ‘hacks’ you try. It doesn’t matter how much information you consume on this topic, or how much time you spend listening to podcasts and reading blog posts. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on biohacks, apps, and devices to help you focus, supplements, drugs, books, online courses.

If you want to improve your brain, none of this matters UNLESS you work on the three foundations of a healthy brain. Continue Reading

  • May 23 / 2016
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Alternatives to Medication, Strategies

Presenting at QCon New York, This June 2016!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking at QCon New York, a pretty kickass software conference this June.

The title of the talk I’ll be giving is ADHD & Technology: Brain Hacks and Upgrades. It will share some content from a blog post I wrote recently with a similar name, and a whole lot more. I’ll talk about some brain development methods I’ve tried, including some I haven’t written about yet. And I’ll mention some phenomenal results I’ve had with them lately.

Below is a snippet of what I’ll be talking about. Check out the event page as well (make sure you scroll down). Continue Reading

  • Dec 14 / 2015
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Alternatives to Medication, Strategies

Changing Your Brain is Tough (But Possible)

If you just got diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities or something similar, it’s a bit of a heavy cross to bear at first. You know you’re different; but you feel like you’re “less” than other people, which is not only bad but it’s completely false.

For me getting my first diagnosis was actually a weight off my chest initially. I had thought I was stupid for most of my life. When I found out I had a real condition, I felt smarter and more confident immediately. I had struggled and made my way pretty far in life with a serious handicap others didn’t have. I was beating the odds. Hell yeah! Continue Reading

  • Oct 12 / 2011
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Alternatives to Medication, Strategies

Vipassana Meditation and ADHD (or, How I Felt After 10 Days of Silence)

Soon after I was formally diagnosed with attention deficit disorder several years back, I became vigilant in finding natural alternatives for treating ADHD. Vipassana Meditation is what I’d say to be one of the most effective approaches that I’ve personally tried.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Vipassana is a type of meditation that is related to mindfulness meditation. The technique is in effect a step-by-step guide on how to pay attention. Continue Reading

  • Oct 05 / 2011
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Alternatives to Medication

The Alexander Technique, Back Pain and ADHD

The Alexander Technique was something I’d tried in order to improve my back problems. It’s had a significant effect on my back, but a side effect was it’s effect on my attention.

For those of you that don’t know, the Alexander Technique is essentially a method of retraining your postural habits. An AT instructor will begin by observing and analyzing the way you move when doing everyday things, Continue Reading