If you’re like me, your’e a bookmark-a-holic. When you stumble across a useful website or document, your first instinct is to bookmark it or add it to your favorites. You won’t remember it otherwise, right?

But being a link packrat has 2 problems. First, you amass so many that you can’t ever find what you need. Also, your work bookmarks stay at work; home bookmarks stay at home. When you go from one place to another you have to re-find all that crap. But first you have to remember what you bookmarked, which ain’t gonna happen. So what do you do, hot shot?

Delicious keeps all your bookmarks on the web. Bookmark it once, find it easily from anywhere.

Steps (for every computer you use):

  1. If you don’t already have it, get firefox.
  2. Install the Delicious toolbar.
  3. When you find a site you want to bookmark, click the “TAG” button.
  4. You’ll be prompted to login. The first time around, click “learn more” to create an account.
  5. Click the “Bookmarks” button at any time to find anything you’ve bookmarked.


More about Delicious here.