ADHD people and non-ADHD people alike struggle with clutter. Space is a valuable resource, sometimes in short quantity. Add that to environmental concerns and you have some good reasons to eliminate paper and make your office digital.

I made this happen with 3 key ingredients: a scanner, an assistant and Evernote.

Yes indeedie, regular people can have assistants too! In this case, I posted a Craigslist ad for a college student at $10/hr and emailed/facebooked/twittered the link to everyone I knew. I found my assistant Alex in a matter of days.

Before Alex came by, I set up the scanner and installed Evernote. Evernote is a program that lets you take notes on your Mac, PC, iPhone and any other device and synchronizes them all. That way you never lose anything, and can find your notes at any time. I’ll discuss Evernote more in another post.

I had my assistant scan in everything as jpg images and name the files accordingly. After scanning the images, she dragged them into Evernote and tagged them. Now I can open Evernote from my phone or computer, and search for medical records, tax documents and so on – fast, easy, and paperless.