Two of our biggest challenges as ADHD people are remembering things and organizing appointments. Enter: Google Calendar.

Open your web browser of choice and go to, then create an account if you don’t already have one. You can import your appointments from Outlook and other formats, and add them directly as well.

GC will send you a text message to remind you of an appointment. If you have an iPhone or other such smart phone, you can click a link and see the location on a map so that you don’t get lost.

Once I started using GC, I threw out all my address books an a ton of post-it-note reminders. I am rarely ever late to appointments now, and rarely get lost either.

In addition, Google Calendar is collaborative; you can share it with other people so they can see how booked you are. Or if you want someone (like an assistant) to add events for you, you can give them permission to do so as well.

Sign up to Google Calendar today and get organized!