Have you ever NOT known how to do something…but were too embarrassed to ask someone?

It’s easy to miss out on social knowledge growing up. Whether you’re an average kid or someone with ADHD or LD, there’s now a website you can go to to learn all that stuff you were afraid to ask about.

howcast.com has how-to videos on everything you can imagine. Today Howcast taught me how to properly iron a pair of pants. A friend of mine learned how to sew a button the other day. But it’s not limited to household stuff. Not by far.

Looking at their categories, you can see that they have how-to videos on anything: learning a language; playing games; enhancing your career or love life; and so on.

Just keep in mind the dark side of Howcast: with so many videos, it’s easy to get sucked in and spend hours on the site. Use it, don’t abuse it!