• Oct 30 / 2015
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Illustration of a programmer with ADHD and his many thoughts
Apps, Strategies

Programmers with ADHD – 10 Productivity Tips

I’ve met a fair amount of programmers with ADHD over the years. A lot of them were fairly successful in their chosen career, but they all had some combination of the same issues all people with attention deficits face – distractibility, trouble focusing, disorganization and so on.

The successful ones I’ve met have had good ways of working around their challenges. Strategies, specific apps, and systems that make up for these problems and allow them to get their job done better. Below I’ve put together a bunch that have helped me a TON over the years. Check’em out. Continue Reading

  • Jan 12 / 2015
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How to be successful in spite of your ADHD / learning disability

Despite having ADHD, a learning disability, and a sleep disorder, I’ve maintained a healthy 15-year-long career as a professional web developer. Knock on wood.

In fact, I didn’t even know that I had ADHD or the learning disability until the age of 30. I sensed that something was different about me, and that I struggled in a way people didn’t. And I developed a lot of strategies for dealing with my differences – long before I knew what they were.

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  • Oct 12 / 2011
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Alternatives to Medication, Strategies

Vipassana Meditation and ADHD (or, How I Felt After 10 Days of Silence)

Soon after I was formally diagnosed with attention deficit disorder several years back, I became vigilant in finding natural alternatives for treating ADHD. Vipassana Meditation is what I’d say to be one of the most effective approaches that I’ve personally tried.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Vipassana is a type of meditation that is related to mindfulness meditation. The technique is in effect a step-by-step guide on how to pay attention. Continue Reading

  • Oct 05 / 2011
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Alternatives to Medication

The Alexander Technique, Back Pain and ADHD

The Alexander Technique was something I’d tried in order to improve my back problems. It’s had a significant effect on my back, but a side effect was it’s effect on my attention.

For those of you that don’t know, the Alexander Technique is essentially a method of retraining your postural habits. An AT instructor will begin by observing and analyzing the way you move when doing everyday things, Continue Reading

  • Jul 09 / 2010
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Impulse Spending

As a professional web developer, I work for big firms and make decent money. I have healthcare, I own a home. I’m far from rich but I’m doing ok for someone that occasionally gets on the subway going in the wrong direction.

Still, no one at an income level likes to throw money away. And the ADHD impulsivity makes all of us want to kick ourselves now and then. It seems like once a month I’ll look at my credit card bill and ask myself, “I spent how much money? On that??Continue Reading

  • Jul 04 / 2010
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You’re Not Lazy.

I despise being thought of as “lazy.”

Having ADHD and LD, I’m a bit slower than the average person at times. “Slow” in the literal sense; my brain sometimes takes longer to process things. “Slow” does not mean “stupid.” Continue Reading

  • Jun 19 / 2010
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What ADHD Feels Like

Before I knew I had ADHD, there were a great many things that frustrated me, and I had no idea why. Things that would happen again and again – like making someone mad at me, and not knowing why.

Or walking into the kitchen and forgetting why I went there. Then walking back to the bedroom, and remembering why I went into the kitchen. Back to the kitchen. Forgot again. Repeat. Continue Reading