I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking at QCon New York, a pretty kickass software conference this June.

The title of the talk I’ll be giving is ADHD & Technology: Brain Hacks and Upgrades. It will share some content from a blog post I wrote recently with a similar name, and a whole lot more. I’ll talk about some brain development methods I’ve tried, including some I haven’t written about yet. And I’ll mention some phenomenal results I’ve had with them lately.

Below is a snippet of what I’ll be talking about. Check out the event page as well (make sure you scroll down).


ADHD & Technology: Brain Hacks and Upgrades.

Attention, memory and focus problems are prevalent in our society, and are made worse by the large amounts of information we’re constantly hit with ­ push notifications, emails, desktop alerts, text messages and so on.

In the tech world in particular, distractions abound; properly mitigating distraction and memory are vital to success.

Whether you’ve got genuine ADHD or are just find it hard to focus because of the distractions we all experience, that distraction can be managed with a combination of “brain hacks” (compensation strategies) as well as “brain upgrades” (things that can actually change your brain). Combining these two things can make your ADHD (real or society­imposed) far less of a problem ­ and in some small ways can even make it an asset.

In this presentation we’ll discuss techniques and strategies for both managing distraction and memory challenges, as well as regular maintenance for your brain for optimal performance. We’ll also talk about methods you’ve probably never heard of that can actually improve your brain.

Once again here’s the link to the event page (scroll down for the event description). Hope to see you there!