Before I knew I had ADHD, there were a great many things that frustrated me, and I had no idea why. Things that would happen again and again – like making someone mad at me, and not knowing why.

Or walking into the kitchen and forgetting why I went there. Then walking back to the bedroom, and remembering why I went into the kitchen. Back to the kitchen. Forgot again. Repeat.

An article I just read on, “Life as an ADD Doctor” mentions a few of these recurring ADHD themes, so I thought I’d start sharing them. Following are some great one-liners from the article. Tell me how many of these make you say, “I know what that feels like!” body’s odd rhythms pump me full of energy at a time when no one else is awake.

I spent my life hearing, “…If you would just try a little harder….”

People whom I don’t realize I have irritated explode in my face.

I struggle with which view to take, and I sadly conclude that both are accurate.

For years, my mantra was “Fake it till you make it!”

The full article is here. While reading these, don’t feel bad; just know that you’re not struggling alone.