I despise being thought of as “lazy.”

Having ADHD and LD, I’m a bit slower than the average person at times. “Slow” in the literal sense; my brain sometimes takes longer to process things. “Slow” does not mean “stupid.”

So as a result of slower processing speed, I’ve found ways to get more done with less effort. Using tools like Evernote and Zooom. Having an assistant handle paperwork, or help me organize; hiring someone to do my laundry.

Some people perceive this as laziness or pretentiousness. It’s not; it’s effective time management.

CEOs of large companies don’t have salespeople, computer programmers and project managers working for them because they’re “lazy.” They hire them because one person can’t do the job of so many people. The CEO has one job; manage the company well, and delegate everything else.

ADHDers are faced with a similar task; managing our lives. We may have a life as simple as anyone else’s, but it takes us twice the work to manage it. That’s the same as one person with two jobs. We need to delegate the work.

So when someone implies that we’re lazy, know that it isn’t true; we just have more jobs than they do. Get other people to help out so you can focus on only one job, and you’ll get it done faster and better.